Your spend decisions have impact on your customers, suppliers and planet earth

Our mission is to help procurement teams to shine by taking over tedious and time-consuming (low value, high volume activities) and letting them focus on high impact decision making and value realization for their organization.


In today’s world, procurement professionals are expected to be in full control and informed, proactive, collaborative and continuously generate streams of value for their organization. Our aim is to make both technology and human experience accessible in spend management beyond ever imagined so organizations of all sizes can benefit.

80 – 20 is not good enough to be responsible…

”Feels we are spending more time on data crunching and data interactions than on interactions with the right suppliers and cross-functional teams. We should not be data crunchers; we should be value drivers.”


With Mithra-Ai, you will;

  • Collect & merge spend data in one place 
  • Get continuous and full visibility using your unique spend taxonomy
  • Be proactive with opportunity & risk alerts “when and where matters” using internal and external data
  • Integrate and manage new spend portfolios (eg. M&A) seamlessly

Using Mithra-AI you will have constant full spend visibility to create, execute and adopt your winning sourcing strategy instead of working with outdated data from spend snapshots.

The Future of Spend Management & Procurement

We see a new future of spend management & procurement moving away from asking us to collect data and do the endless & tedious data crunching towards receiving trusted insightful information pushed by intelligent systems pro-actively indicating if risks or opportunities are surfacing in the near future and what actions to take.

The Core Capabilities of Mithra-Ai

Easily Collect & Merge Spend

Auto-Classify & Update Spend

Improve and Maintain your unique Spend Taxonomy

Instant value capture

No IT project. No learning curve

Pro-active opportunity notifications