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Key capabilities

Validate ranked cost saving opportunities

Advanced analytics capabilities make it easier to slice and dice the spend cube to get to the spend that has the opportunity to improve. Mithra-Ai’s proprietary algorithm ranks the categories with their opportunity probability. 

Map sustainability reporting to procurement taxonomy

Taxonomy mapper allows CSRD reporting effortless and accurate benefiting from procurement experiences and knowledge; a more granular procurement taxonomy allows you to have auditable reporting per supplier, region, and industry.

Negotiate with confidence

Contract analytics allows you to cross-check invoiced spend transactions with key metrics of your contracts. Knowing the gap between a fluctuation of your commodity price and demand on the volume increase gives you an advantage in negotiating better prices and terms.

Improve Master Data Quality

Utilizing advanced NLP and LLM, Mithra-Ai takes the heavy lifting for data cleansing, keeps the experts in the loop, and gives them the confidence needed for procurement analytics and reporting.

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