They trust us

Mithra-Ai is selected by Spend Matters as one of the five global Future5 tech stars

What can you do with Mithra-Ai?

Leave no "spend pocket" unturned

With limited IT effort, Mithra-Ai provides full spend visibility.

Simply drag & drop new data files in the tool for instant spend harmonization and supplier data enrichment.

Bring relevant data to your fingertips

Merge all intelligence (internal reports or external insights) in no time with your spend transactions and keep them in one place, at your fingertips.

Align your spend taxonomy

Benefit from one source of truth having one spend tree across your whole organization while being able to simulate and keep your spend up to date at all time.

Spot the right Opportunities

Focus on reviewing ranked qualified opportunities and realizing the benefits while sharing them effortlessly, instead of having endless data discussions.