Frequently Asked Questions

The day of activation, you can already upload your spend spreadsheet in our secure cloud platform and minutes later you will have your first opportunity insights to start working on. With Mithra-Ai you will have fast time-to-value and instant ROI.

We feel our peers are tackling the wrong problem. The problem is not that procurement teams lack dashboards or lack procurement systems. The core problem of spend visibility is that spend management solutions can’t update and maintain spend data volumes to the fast pace of the changing business dynamics. Mithra-Ai disrupts the market with a best-of-breed spend intelligence solution that will pro-actively send insights to stakeholders instead of asking them to collect information.

It is not uncommon that suppliers still give you spreadsheets, independent of all procurement systems you already have. You can indeed upload multiple spreadsheet to Mithra-Ai and our smart algorithms will merge, sync and structure your data in the right way.

Seeing is believing. We typically start with an advanced demo with your data showing how fast and easy Mithra can upload, cleanse, classify and more important show instantly key opportunities, based on a sample spend dataset. 

The accuracy and completeness depends also on your base case situation and to which level (L1…L7). We experience accuracy above 96% on datasets with millions of lines. Happy to explore how accurate our AI engine can be in your situation.  

Our technology allows us to execute POCs in days/weeks depending on the scope definition. Typical implementation times of traditional tools take months so it might be worthwhile to experience a new, cheaper, faster and more effective way to get spend visibility and insights.

Yes, using internal and external data is important. Mithra-Ai can connect with any data lake or internal system using standard techniques, APIs and we can also just upload spreadsheets in our secure cloud and share instant outcomes. We offer a hybrid solution with a focus on fast time-to-value and low IT effort. .