We enable data-driven decision making for strategic procurement

We live in a world where more data is created every day, more so than ever humanly possible to consume. Finding the insights to make the right decisions is a challenge, but when done correctly, it can reduce uncertainties and lead to a more effective organization. At Mithra-AI, we are firm believers of business value generation. We empower procurement organizations to make data-driven decisions by providing them ”continuous” visibility and insights into their spend data. We utilize the power of advanced AI to cleanse and classify ERP extracted data using tailor-made taxonomy while maintaining and updating your spend cube. 

Purpose driven

The role of procurement changed from solely cost-saving and supply continuity to a strategic level becoming a supply entrepreneur for your organization. Price negations and supply risk mitigation is still core but we also need to take into account sustainability, ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, dynamics of the market. A complex task. 

We help procurement teams spend more responsible 

Companies need to source and procure more responsible, and this is where Mithra-Ai can make a positive impact on the world.

You cannot be responsible if you don’t have continuous full transparency and insight into your direct & indirect spend.  

Meet our team

Started in 2020, just as COVID hit us! We have been busy since by redefining how spend analysis can be done. We have exceptional talent and are experienced in procurement & supply chain, software development, product development, and AI/ML; and it’s only by combining all this talent that we are able to drive Mithra-Ai.