Easily capture, compare & integrate data

Gartner research shows that over 52% of companies are being essentially run on spreadsheets. Besides, organizations with multiple locations will always have different and disconnected ERP’s making data disparate.

Our experience is the same, therefore we have build an easy drag & drop functionality to capture spend, and invoice data out of any system. The only thing you need to do is to extract data in a spreadsheet and drag & drop it into our secure Mithra-Ai cloud. 

Mithra-Ai captures, augments, integrates and creates spend visibility you always wanted, to contribute effectively to your business goals.

Data enrichment

Data volumes are growing fast and stored in different systems and spreadsheets across functions. It is no secret that data is therefore incomplete, polluted and outdated; that’s just a given. 


Our nextgen A.I. engine uses internal and external sources to cleanse and augment millions of data points in no time at high quality, making them insight-ready. We want procurements teams to interact with their suppliers & cross functional teams, not with data sources.