Is data quality the foundation for​ any procurement transformation?

A panel discussion between procurement executives about the importance of data quality & visibility as a prerequisite for any procurement transformation. Cyrille Desbazeille is CPO of Franke Group, Alex Jennings is former CPO of DS Smith, Harold Hendrickx is founder & CEO of Transformation Executive, and Rasa Raoufi is co-founder and procurement lead at Mithra-Ai.


1. Why is data quality & visibility so fundamental for any procurement transformation?

“When your suppliers know more than you, then you have an issue” 

2. Why redesign your taxonomy and what are the lessons learned?

“My new team told me they don’t use the spendcube because it was outdated and not accurate so we needed to go back and redesign our taxonomy”

3. What are recommendations to maintain & improve data accuracy to drive actual value?

“You need to have actionable intelligence to make sure you deliver on value”

4. How do you keep the balance between running a transformation while also showing quick wins to the organization?

“Fundamental means important, therefore you put talent on it and not people who could be sacrificed because they don’t bring value”

5. When do you add dedicated resources, in context of costs and ambitions?

”Why wait? Your competitor is outstripping you” 

6. Insightful learnings on data quality & visibility for any procurement transformation

“Start today to improve your data quality, make it your priority”