AI-enabled spend analysis
fast! visual! awesome!

  • Agile and highly accurate
  • Tailor-made and aligned with your business needs
  • Instant actionable insights (IT free service)

Why Mithra AI?

We empower procurement teams to save time, money and focus on value recognition by relying on data driven insights.

Instant & accurate insights

Automated analysis and AI engine enables instant actionable results 

Fast ROI

Stand alone solution with no setup
&  immediate availability

No learning curve

Drag & drop your data in excel 
Click and play!

How does it work? 

Mithra AI is spend analytics cloud solution

Drag and drop your data and we take it from there!

Team of experts fine-tune an AI algorithm based on your data. You will have results in matter of days but also technology whom knows your business and is available 24/7. 

We are 100% cloud-based and ensuring security and privacy of your data is our first priority

Our Features

Experience agile spend analytics with Mithra AI

Web-based application

Mithra services are fully web-based and accessible via any device

No learning curve solution

All you need to do is to drag and drop your data file in the web service.

Saves big chunk of time for organizations

You need 5-10% of spend records labeled, Mithra does the rest for you.

Excel friendly

No integration needed - Mithra uses excel file as an input and output

KPI visualization

Mithra displays high-level KPIs that indicate data quality and taxonomy

Ready for downstream use

Mithra generates classification results in the same format, ready to be used in downstream strategic decision making.