We see a new FUTURE of spend management moving away from asking us to collect data for different systems and do the endless & tedious data crunching towards receiving trusted insightful information pushed by intelligent systems pro-actively indicating if risks or opportunities are surfacing in the near future and what actions to take.


Our nextgen technology makes this possible. By looking at snapshots of your spend data you only look backward. By increasing the frequency of snapshots, what we call Always-On, you become more reactive and are able to do more accurate spend projections that you can combine with sales forecasts to make better plans. Mithra-Ai brings you to the next level.

Let spend insights follow you...

The future is here… every time there is new spend, Mithra-Ai will digest those, capture opportunities and risk, sense anomalies and send those to you so you can review them proactively and take necessary actions.


We take care of data “analysis”, so you can focus on opportunity “execution” and contribute to your business goals.